Poems by Shri Swami Nirbhayanandji Saraswati2 min read


O my mind! Thou and I cannot be friends.
Daily thou seekest pleasures,
I take no delight in them.
Thou covetest wealth,
I am free from avarice.
I find no joy in youthful women,
While thou constantly desirest them.
Thy thoughts are restless,
Mine are forever peaceful.
Thou art attached to name and form,
I transcend them.
O dear one, I will have no more to do with thee,
O mind, part company with me!
I salute thee a thousand times.
Thou art all pain and tears,
I am peace and perfection,
Thou art subject to fear day and night,
While I am Nirbhaya Rama.

O simple soul, adore the Lord!
Scholarship and study are not so important.
The best thing in life is pure conduct.
Kill pleasure-desire, anger, price and avarice;
This is the essence of right living.
The world is governed by self-interest;
Thy friends are only worshippers of appearance.
Think well! It is of little use to amass wealth;
At the time of death it will not save thee, O simpleton!
The human body is a door to liberation,
It is a rare gift of God;
Do not waste that gift in quarrel and ostentation.
Take the dust of the lotus feet of thy Guru
And with it decorate thy forehead.
Says Nirbhaya: Then wilt thou not be born again.

O Nirbhaya! Seek no more to win the favour of another;
O dear one! If you became rich and powerful, it were no gain at all y
Among men of wealth and fame never have I seen one who is happy.
Without an enquiring mind, all joys are vain;
Give up the search for delight in objects and taste the nectar of God-realisation;
O Nirbhaya: Enjoy the supreme bliss of ceaseless contemplation.


Guru = Spiritual Teacher