Paramahansa Shri Swami Nirbhayanandaji Saraswati2 min read

WHY dost thou desire wealth O Nirbhaya ?
Night is over ; day dawns. Arise !
Give up thy attachment to the world, and see thy own nature at all times, O Nirbhaya.
Abandon discussion and concentrate on thy Self ; for love of the Self, kings have renounced their kingdoms.
Thou art without associationship, O Nirbhaya. Give up all attachment. Then in one moment wilt thou know the Bliss without end.
Enjoy the sight of the world, but first rid thyself of the inner darkness ; thou art the Lord and thou the Beloved.
The world is not real, O Nirbhaya. Do not dive into this mirage. Be not enslaved by attachment to any object.
Enjoy the bliss of the realization of thy own Self, O Nirbhaya. Be mute ! No one belongs to thee and thou to no one.
Thy karma will bring thee joy or woe, O Nirbhaya. Do not depend on anyone, neither flatter nor imitate them.
Think well, O Nirbhaya. Thy stay in the world is short and uncertain. Look not upon wealth and wisdom with longing.
Abandon ambition and cultivate contentment, O Nirbhaya. Do not grieve, for what is deserved by thy karma will come to pass.
O Nirbhaya, this world is a snare ; realise that everything is passing, passing. Apathy in prayer and devotion does not become thee.
Except thy own Self, nothing is thine O Nirbhaya.
Everyone cares for his own welfare.
O Nirbhaya, overcome thy thirst for pride and worldly enjoyment which is illusory and fleeting. When thou art clasped by Death, naught will avail thee.
O Nirbhaya, endure suffering patiently and keep thy heart balanced.
By thy existence, happiness is made possible for others.
O Nirbhaya, do not blame or argue with anyone ; thou wilt hurt the poor man and gain nothing.
O Nirbhaya, do not be angry or bitter even with a stray dog. Thy Master pervades both the moving and the unmoving world.
Know those to be thy teachers who find fault with thy conduct ; salute them, O Nirbhaya.
O Nirbhaya, do not oppress those who are poor and helpless. Know that the high, the low and the ignorant all belong to God.
Do not cause pain to others O Nirbhaya. Life is short ; leave not the reputation of a fool behind thee.
Do not treat injustice with indifference O Nirbhaya. Strive to ameliorate it, though karma will prevail.
Death is beating his drum and approaching nearer and nearer, O Nirbhaya. Take up the shield of divine knowledge.
O Nirbhaya, do not talk unnecessarily ; do not bark like a dog frightened by shadows.
Subjugate thy mind and be carefree. Walk erect O Nirbhaya, and banish pride, vanity and the desire for respect.
O Nirbhaya, give the same love to Hindu, Christian and Turk.
Renounce the conception of ‘ I ’ and ‘ thou ’, do not tire the soul.
O Nirbhaya, thou hast fulfilled the purpose of this incarnation.
Thou wilt err no more ; the agonies of birth and death are over for thee.