Our principles are those of other-worldliness2 min read

  1. That we do not create visionaries who are themselves cut off from the hard practical life of the world, only contemplating God, or Truth. The test of successful meditation is its application to daily life. In this respect the system of Adhyatma Yoga is different from systems which teach only “other-worldliness,” and ignore the social life. The Holy Rishi Zarthustra was the first of the great Sages who taught the realisation of Truth in practical and active life. He is the founder of Karma Yoga (the Yoga of action) and we are, in this matter, his followers.
  2. We must love action, struggle, and push onward daily in Virtue, Truth and appreciation of Beauty. We must make a crusade against idle thought and sloth, and must practise renunciation in action, through Love.
  3. It is our duty to look after the physical body, and to give full attention to our responsibilities towards our relations, society and humanity. But we must never forget that we are spirit, and not the physical body. It is also our serious duty to feed our minds by the study of good thoughts and right knowledge, to feed our emotions by the practice of virtue, and to realise Truth or God by daily meditations in calm and solitude. Each practice is equally important. Our progress must be harmonious on all three planes. The great sin which India committed was that she neglected to see God in matter, and made her progress only on the spiritual plane. We insult God or Truth by considering this world to be evil, and matter something despicable. See Him in matter as well as in Spirit.
  4. Our goal is neither comfort nor happiness. Anandam (Spiritual Bliss) is neither the one nor the other, but something far higher. A system of Dharma built on comfort or happiness alone is only fit for a herd of cattle. Our goal is the cultivation of Truth and Virtue, and the appreciation of Beauty in all its forms with a view to acquiring complete freedom for all. Anything that helps us in the fight for this is good, and anything that makes us – feel weak, lonely, or cowardly is unrighteous.
  5. Fear is the only foe to fear. Have endless ambition to acquire freedom through Truth, Beauty and Virtue. Never think of duality, or harbour feelings of separation. Over and above all, know that you are the Infinite Brhaman, ever perfect,  immortal, and all-pervasive. Meditate on this Truth and demonstrate it in daily life, shedding your Light and Love on all.

The whole philosophy is summed up in the Four Great Statements which have come down the ages from the true Seers:

Tat Twam Asi.
That Thou art

Ahum Brhamasmi.
I am Brhman

Pragnanam Brhaman.
Intelligence is Brhaman

Sarvan Khalvidam Brhaman.
Verily all this is Brhaman.