O Narasinha, my mind is changeable1 min read

O Narasinha, my mind is changeable,
How shall I learn to offer
Thee proper devotion ?
I am gazing at Thee ;
Do Thou glance back at me,
For love is mutual.
When the thought comes that
Thou art gazing at me
And I am not looking at Thee
My grief exceeds all bounds.
Thou art present in every body
Pervading it through and through.
Thus I see Thee, but do not recognise Thee.
Every good quality is Thine
And every defect is mine.
Thou hast granted me aid
But I have not accepted it.
How can I cross to the further shore
Burdened as I am with ignorance
Such as ‘ I ‘ and ‘ Thou ’, ‘ Mine ‘ and ‘ Thine ‘ ?
Says Rai Das
Jai to the compassionate Krishna,
Support of the universe !


Note.—‘ Narasinha ’—Vishnu’s incarnation as man-lion to kill the tyrant Hiranyakashipu and save his devotee Prahlada.