O my mind, who belongs to you and to whom do you belong?

O my mind, who belongs to you
And to whom do you belong?
This world is a fair, lasting four days only.
When Croesus died, he left empty-handed,
He could take with him not even a farthing.
Everyone departs alone—the rich, and the learned,
The high and the low, kings and beggars,
Scholars and fools, the gifted and the talentless.
Thou thyself art the indestructible Atman,
Thou art Mathura, Mecca and Kashi.
Thou thyself art the dweller in every body.
It is thy light that animates every flame.
O my mind, having gained this wonderful opportunity,
Obtain vision of Brahman with all speed.
Hearken with faith to the words I say.
O my mind, wander about in the universe no more.
Hearken to the simple message of Nirbhaya Rama.


Now I desire to create a stir no longer.
Let me hide myself in the cave of my heart!
No hands, no feet, no body, no breath,
No eyes, no sight—yet infinite power.
No black or yellow, no heavy or light,
No high or low, no within or without.
No moon, sun, fire or lightning,
No individual, no class—whatever you do
There is nothing but a shoreless sea of light.
You will know it, my dear one,
When the Guru’s compassion comes.
Now I have known the identity of Brahman and Atman
And the one fearless (Nirbhaya) state has dawned.


Learn it, learn it, learn it,
O foolish mind!
Learn that the world is a dream.
Take the dust of the feet of the Guru
And place it reverently on thy head.
Wash them again and again in pure water
And clasp them tightly to thy breast.
Know well that there is no happiness
In the cultivation of worldly objects.
Cultivate the qualities spoken of
In the thirteenth chapter of the Gita
And make thyself a candidate for jnana.
Why art thou still hesitating
To finish with “mine” and “thine”?
Why art thou still in a pother
At the prospect of gain and loss?
Why dost thou not reflect on the Self
And put an end to all thy sufferings?
Having obtained a human body
Why dost thou not work for liberation?
The Self is Brahman,
Beginningless, endless, infinite.
He is the God of all gods,
The only Lord and Master,
He is partless, untainted Consciousness,
The pith and essence of all.
Somewhere a rare fortunate one
Sees Him face to face.
Gain His sight but once
And thou wilt attain Nirvana on the instant.
O foolish mind!
Learn that the world is a dream.
The body is a mass of bones, flesh and filth.
Why dost thou adorn it?
It will soon be a morsel for Death.
Thou art given to boasting of thy purity
And to shouting of thy lofty flights,
But thou knowest not the taste of thine own Self
In its true form as bliss.
O Nirbhaya, just learn this one thing—
That thine own Self is Brahman:
Learn that the world is a dream!


O Swamiji—I am the servant Of thy servants!
Teach me knowledge of the Self—
Teach me, I pray you,
Knowledge of the Self.
I thought of pleasure and pain
As being in my own Self,
And this deluded my mind.
Hearing of the Absolute and the soul,
My mind has become greatly bewildered.
Uncover the secret
And end my sufferings for ever.
Teach me the lesson, O my Master!
I sang of difference and non difference
When reciting the Veda,
But it did not enter my heart.
Take pity on my ignorance,
And waft me to the further shore!
I have nothing that I could fitly offer
For the pleasure of the Sat Guru.
I see no other expedient
But to lay my very soul at his feet.
O Nirbhaya, the Sat-Guru saved me
In the space of an instant,
Just by making a sign.

By Swami Nirbhayananda

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