Nature and the mind are moved by the one and same force

There are two books which we must read with great interest and attention. They are nature and your heart. To remain united with nature is to remain in touch with infinity and a ready source of inspiration. When you are tired, when your mind is restless, when the ingratitude of the world assails you, go to the woods and commune with the mighty force which is immanent in nature, which, though one, still creates infinite variety. Sit down in relaxation on the grass, on a rock or by the water, and think of the one who becomes many. He is without as nature, within as your mind. Do not interpret it. Just watch it and lose yourself in it.

Then, sit in solitude and watch the functions of your mind in a detached spirit. Laugh at the grimaces and jumps of this mercury. Classify the movements of the mind into the three categories, Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Encourage the Sattvic.

Remember that nature and the mind are moved by the one and same force. The force is called Chit. It is conscious, and it creates forms as if in sport. Identify your real Self with this force. See it work in strife and in peace and yet, in fact, above them. Your sense of individuality will slowly begin to disappear. “When the half-gods go, the full gods appear.”

Spiritual detachment from nature external and internal is imperative. The world is not exactly a dream because you have no control over a dream. It is like a magic show under the master magician, God, your own Self. You cannot change the wind, the mountains or the course of the planets; but you can change your attitude towards them.

The case is different with your inner nature. Although the fundamental law is detachment and peace, you have to treat your mind as a garden. Prepare the soil of Chitta to grow the roses of universal goodwill and the lotuses of devotion and love. You must prune with the scissors of discrimination the inordinate growth of desires, selfishness and the thought of injuring others for your own narrow good. You have to weed out the parasites of unworthy friendships, undesirable habits of eating and drinking and waste. You cannot allow the field to run wild. Constant weeding is essential.

The Gita Shastra has an internal interpretation according to some Mahatmas. Duryodhana is the Kama or pleasure-sense which has usurped the kingdom of Shanti. Arjuna is the spiritual sun, and Krishna is the Guru divine. Warriors like Bhishma, Drona and Karna are the Vrittis of power and obsession, duality and Rajas which have to be subdued by the discriminating spirit of Arjuna.

Arjuna must cooperate with the universal good, the elevation of the Jivas to Sattva and Jnana. The fight is not for selfish interests but for the collective salvation of all. To understand the divine plan and to cooperate with it is called taking refuge in the Lord. The refuge is not passive: there, too, there is a war against the rising Vrittis. The supreme duty of the Jiva is to make himself fit to be an instrument of the Lord; not to have the least will of his own and to live in the Divine Will is the height of devotion. Give all to the Guru (Jesus in symbol), and then take a plunge into the whirlpool of the Lord. This is the way and the goal.

Do not hesitate; do not fear. Devote thy heart and soul to him who is the Lord, and there is no other Lord beside Him.

This is the only way to save the world from the atom bomb of Avidya. There is no time to spare, if the world is to be saved.

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