May my Friend come back and I find union with Him

“If the bird of wealth returns to me,
May my Friend come back and I find union with Him.”

There is no more real wealth than meeting and union with the ever-beloved Friend. Plants that are drying up need rain and not gems and houses. The heart of man in Avidya suffers from thousands of illusions. In the desert of non-existence he sees friends, sweethearts, gold, youth and what not. What is near, he imagines to be far. The poison of desire and aversion, he believes to be nectar. He pursues the rainbow of happiness in marriage, university degrees and travel. The illusion of duality gives him no peace. But the Sufi desires the return of the Divine Consciousness and union with it. Like him, let all the vain desires go, once for all. God is the Friend in the Sufi terminology and there is no real Friend except Him.

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