Man should turn his back on sense-pleasures and apply himself to tranquillity and simplicity and purity.

Prakriti is constant becoming. It is an evolute. The mind also is becoming. Rajas is giving prakriti motion all the time. The mind also is active all the time. But the witness of the mind, the Self, is free from being and becoming. The Self is gunatita, beyond the three gunas. Then doing anything, let us meditate on the fact: “I am gunatita; the gunas have no connection with me, no reference to me.” In all conditions to have the inner conviction that “I am gunatita.”

How can a man do so while engaged in his worldly duties every day? The subject is most rationally discussed by Shri Vidyaranya in the concluding verses of the ninth chapter of “Panchadasi”. He gives many illustrations to show that your meditation can be constant all the time. To have meditation at one time, half an hour or an hour, is eventually to get into the habit of meditating all the time. He shows that there are certain actions of the mind which continue even in a dream or dreamless state.

By meditating on: “I am gunatita, I am Shiva, the all-Good, Soham, Soham”, this is the way to mature the normal consciousness. It is by this way that the error is eliminated and the real light of consciousness prevails. OM.

In “Adhyatma Ramayana”, the following verse occurs. Shri Hanuman says to his divine Guru Ramachandra: “O Rama, Thou art one, but by the action of Maya Thou appearest as the cause, as the effect, as the doing, as the result of our deeds, and also as the means to acquire great fruits. All these, O Rama. Thou art one and Thou appearest to be all these by Maya in manifold forms.” This is the conviction of Shri Hanuman. It is based on direct experience. Let us try to bring out this state in our consciousness.

Do not to waste time, energy, words, sense faculties, to waste nothing. If you do not waste your time and energy every day, you will do so much that which is right. It will be a surprise. Have nothing to do with wasters. Many of your companions are wasters. They want you to have an association of wasterhood with them!

Then know this fact, that the mind is supported by Self, jiva. Mind has no independent existence; mind is supported by jiva. When the jiva leaves the body, mind also becomes extinct. Mind has no independent existence. Self can control the mind, can change the mind, can conquer the mind and, when the Self has conquered the mind, then the whole world has been conquered.

The way to the conquest of the world is conquest of the mind. It means that you have so much mastery over your mind that you say to it “do it” and it does, “do only so far” and it does, “come back” and it does so. It is not like the spoilt child who wants to impress his own will upon his parents and, if it is not done, then he howls and cries; that kind of mind will not do. The principle is self-evident. You do not need logical evidence to show that the mind is supported on the Self.

Sit still. Give the mind full rein – not always, but now. It will bring many thoughts before you, some good, some bad, some neutral, rational, irrational, some lunatic. Sit down quietly and write on a piece of paper for five minutes all the thoughts that the mind brings before you. Read it and how surprised you will be!

For the sake of this practice sit still. Let the thoughts come. And any thought that comes in whatever form, say to it: “It is an illusion, it is unreality, it is an illusion, it is unreality.” If you go on for half an hour, you will have tranquillity and eventually a kind of samadhi.

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