Jewels from the Indra Net


These pieces on Eastern methods of inner training and realisation are not intended as theoretical instruction or entertainment. They all point to actual practice in life. For instance, even the little piece A Prince Reprimanded contains, beside the two obvious surface points, a hint at deeper practice.

The title of the book Jewels from the Indra Net refers to the fabled net of the god Indra of which the strands have a jewel of truth at each junction. The jewels reflect each other so that each one has deeper and deeper meanings in it. The pieces are from a variety of traditions, some of them being based on original translations of little known Sanskrit or Japanese texts. Others come from observation or personal experience.

A few of these have appeared on my Internet sites and I am now hoping the whole book will reflect to its readers some further gleams from the Indra Net.


As with all training, the inner training requires a certain minimum of theory. In this book there is an underlying philosophical structure which, however, stands not as ultimate truth but as a working basis. The Absolute, tentatively called Universal Self or Brahman or by many other names, is beyond concepts. It cannot be known by them: it can be known by being, by becoming it so to say. It is tentatively called existence-intelligence-infinity. Brahman projects universes as fundamentally purposeful and beautiful illusions. As latent consciousness Brahman is in every particle of the creation.

The purpose is that the consciousness, at first unmanifest then latent in primary elements such as rocks, struggles to evolve into semi-consciousness in plants and animals and self-consciousness in man. The programme is that those higher in the scale of evolution should help those in less advantageous circumstances to rise higher. By doing this they also make progress themselves. If they fail to do it they relapse: this is technically called the law of Karma. The awakening spiritual aspirant does good to others only to make it easier for them to strive to reach universal consciousness; there is no other reason.

It may involve the relief of starvation including mental and cultural starvation, but not assistance in gratifying limited personal desires, which have binding effects. Instant pleasures are only for an instant. They correspond to moments of happiness experienced by slaves or prisoners. Silver chains are still chains. As man becomes increasingly self-conscious, the urge to return to infinity becomes strong. Opportunities arise to enter a path of realisation of the true universal nature, first in the individual bodymind complex and then without limits. These opportunities are provided by the higher spirits (perhaps once in human form) who reflect and transmit the glory of the Universal Self.

The fundamental training is mind control and meditation which in the end have to become one pointed. It is not useful to say much about the higher stages in meditation as this can arouse a distracting “how am I doing?” monitoring anxiety. Allusions to them will be found in several places and will be recognised by those who are approaching that level. Some longer pieces have been put at the beginning to give a survey of some main points.

© Trevor Leggett

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