Is the Witness individualized?1 min read

Question: Is the Witness individualized?

Answer: It is spoken of as individualized, but in fact it is not individualized. These are preliminary hypothetical statements, but you have to go through them.

Twenty people have come out of their homes to see the new moon. One who has seen it says to them: “Concentrate on the upper branch of the tree; now forget the branch, and look beyond it. ” Then they are able to see it. In the same way, think of the intellect, think of the Witness in you, and when you have become fixed in the Witness consciousness, you will be able to see the full moon in you which is the cause of the whole universe.

If you want to know the theological word for this Witness, it is God. You always hear that God is in you. Now here it is plainly taught that God is in your intellect, He is the Witness, He is the element which is not subject to desire and aversion, and He is always in you, and if you negate Him your feelings go, your will goes, your nerves go, your physiological system goes, and nothing remains.

When a man is deluded, then he attributes desire and aversion to himself. When he is enlightened, then he attributes desire and aversion to the intellect. This great element, Witness or God, has no desire or aversion at all. Then what is the conclusion? Be enlightened – by all means, be enlightened.