In inner silence watch the activities of thy mind; then experience forever the bliss of Self.1 min read

91. O Nirbhaya, tide is so low that it can ebb no further. Now is the time for the body to depart. Now, fearless intelligence, return.

92. O Nirbhaya, the heart does not blossom again and again like a flowering tree. Thou canst not purchase it from the world. If thou givest it to good company it will be for thy benefit; if thou givest it to bad company, to thy harm. Surrender not thy heart to thy mind.

93. O Nirbhaya! Call Ceaselessly on God; do not delay now or tomorrow.

94. O Nirbhaya, even if thou enterest the maze of the world for a minute, thou art encircled. As time advances, thou becomest more and more securely entrapped.

95. O Nirbhaya, this mind is very active, it is bad son and given to destruction. Every moment it is planning to impose bondage on thee. Day and night works thy destruction.

96 Forget thy identity O Nirbhaya and in an instant thou wilt be liberated.

97. In inner silence watch the activities of thy mind O Nirbhaya; then experience forever the bliss of Self.

98. O Nirbhaya! Give the same love to Hindu, Christian and Turk. Renounce the conception of ‘I’ and I thou’; do not tire thy soul.

99. Realise the spiritual meaning of life O Nirbhaya, and sit in silence; smile secretly, merged in the divine vision.

100. O Nirbhaya: Thou hast fulfilled the purpose of this incarnation; thou wilt err no more; the agonies of birth and death are over for thee.

These stanzas should be repeated slowly every day by devotees of God.

This practice will be found most helpful,


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