Improve your constructive thinking.1 min read

Sit in the meditative posture with the spinal column and the neck in a straight line.

Breathe in and out deeply twenty-one times, imagining, as you inhale, that you are drawing the word OM (pronounced OHM) up from the navel to the crown of the head.

The object of this practice is to induce relaxation, and, apart from its use as a preparatory practice, it may be done at any time during the day, when you feel the need of relaxation.

The mind can only meditate properly when it is fully relaxed and free from the tension of petty irritations, worries and dislikes.


Sit and think. Give free scope to your mind to think.

But whatever idea the mind brings before you, say : “ It is an illusion. I do not want it”.

When you sit quiet the seeds of thought sown by you which have passed into your unconscious, begin to appear in your mind as pictures, according to the law of association of ideas.

To accept such thoughts unquestioningly is to think unconsciously and it is important to learn how to reject them at will.

Conscious thinking is the key to a good life, and by doing this practice every day for ten minutes you will be able to learn how to think consciously.

Whatever thought, whether as a concept, desire, emotion, mental image or in any other form comes to you at the time of the practice, say :

“ It is an illusion ”, then to the next thought : “ It is an illusion ” and so on for ten minutes.

If you carry this out conscientiously for twenty-one days, you will find a good deal of difference in your constructive thinking.