If death means absence of survival, then there is no such thing as death.

There is such a thing as death if it means a temporary change in the medium which expresses life. If it means annihilation of life, or absence of survival, then there is no such thing as death. Biology has taught us that, practically speaking, there is no such thing as death to the single-celled unit called the amoeba, for, when this organism is decrepit; it can be revived by the process called conjugation.

If there is no death to a single-celled organism, how can there be death to a multi-celled organism like man?

Even the physical body can be made to last for a very long time. Science tells us that a primate like man should live up to 120 years. But men considerably older have been seen in Tibet, and in the monasteries of China ; and in the province of Szechuan, near the Holy Mount Omi San, there have been monks over 300 years old.

No one dies before he accepts his physical death as a fact, in ignorance of the great spiritual laws which govern our physical existence. Manu has clearly said that it is for want of Brhamacharya (life in Brhaman) and abandonment of the study of Truth that death comes to Sages.

When Infinite Atman is conditioned by causal stuff, It projects its shadow through it, and this shadow of Atman is called life. A developed form of this shadow-Atman is, speaking relatively, the individual consciousness. Death is the withdrawal of the shadow, owing to the unfitness of the body. From Atman life comes, and to Atman it returns. It feeds on love, and it progresses through right living.

This progress is called Asha by the great Zarthustra. The soul, or Jiva, is in the body to discover the perfection of Atman through Asha. The flame is burning in the temple, to reflect on itself.  What a wonderful mystery, and what bliss is there behind it!

The man who lives for fifty years and spends this period in looking after the physical body and enjoying the pleasures that come through the five senses, without sacrificing his self, his time, energy, or wealth for others, is dead already.  The law of life is progress, constant progress in morals, in spiritual exaltation, and pursuit of Truth and Beauty. If this is neglected, then there is death in life.

That day has been passed in the tomb in which no progress has been made in the realisation of Truth through sacrifice. Good thoughts, good deeds, and the unfoldment of Truth within, this is life, which can only be measured by deeds and the progress made, and not by years.

There are about you all the time many living spiritual beings. Space is filled with life. These beings seek to befriend you. But you will attract the beings that are of the same kind as you are yourself. If you are treading the path of Asha, then there are pilgrims invisible who are with you.

If you are a slave to passions, physical comfort, and the like, then beings of that kind are about you. Some day you will see them, and verify these statements.

Meanwhile, live in the life of Truth, Beauty, and Probity.

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