If any spark of consciousness remain1 min read

If any spark of consciousness remain,
Divest thyself even of that,
O my dear one!
O minstrel lad, that strain again!
In this pain lies deep delight.
Stir up the wound in my entrails hourly,
O spirit of madness!
Hot tears, gasping for breath,
Spewing up the heart—
This is the course for the further shore.
Ply thy bark.
It was because there was loud lamentation
That Majnun was found by the camel of Leila.
Speed up, camel-driver,
Or Majnun will reach the goal!
Where is pleasure, where is pain,
How does the storm come,
Who bears the love-wounds?
When the reality is once attained,
All this bickering ceases.
Helmsman, stand back!
Rudder, swing free!
The storm has struck,
Let the boat strike against the bank
With a crash like thunder!
You and I were there,
Involved in a law-suit.
Suddenly the whole court-room
Dissolved in a wine-glass.
Neither plaintiff nor defendant remained.
How splendid!

Poem by Swami Rama Tirtha

This poem was written in 1902 when the eclipse visible from the Badrinath Temple was a topic of discussion.
Leila’s camel heard Majnun loudly lamenting in the wilderness. Together they tramped back towards the home of Leila.
If Majnun (intellect) reaches the home of Leila (vision of reality) he will be destroyed.