I cannot say “I” without Thy consciousness1 min read

They ask why I am Thy slave ;
My soul, my life, my heart
I have surrendered unto Thee.
Thou art invisible, unfelt,
Beyond the flight of imagination ;
No colour, no form, and defying
All powers of the mind and speech.
I can give no reason why I love Thee, O Absolute.
The love that can be explained
Is poor love, indeed.
Thou art Truth ;
I cannot say “I” without Thy consciousness ;
Thou art the canvas pure
On which are painted the dreams of time-space-causation.
As the rivers rush to the sea,
Singing in dales and meadows ;
As the cuckoo wings to the warmer regions
And the moon-beams dance on the lotus lake ;
As the bees are led by a sure instinct
To the purple heather ;
As the curlew sings its plaintive song
To its mate, in the nest ;
As the dew descends to kiss the earth
And the sunbeams chase the gloom ,
So does my poor, sore afflicted heart,
Lacerated by the love of the illusion of earthly beauty
And friends and joys fugitive,
Turn to Thee, O Truth,
O Atman, O Soul of all.