I am the self in the heart of each living being1 min read

I am the self in the heart of each living being; I am the origin, the existence and end of all living beings.
I am the sun among the luminous bodies, the moon among the satellites.
Among the Vedas I am the Sama Veda, the mind among the senses and consciousness among beings.
Of water I am the ocean.  I am the Ganges among rivers.
Among philosophies I am metaphysics.  Of alphabets I am the vowel A. 
I am the beginning the middle and dissolution of the universe; I am inexhaustible time, I am all-consuming death, the wealth of the prosperous, the beauty of the beautiful.
Of the Vrishni clan I am Krishna here before you, of the Pandava family I am the master-archer Arjuna.
Of metres I am the Gayatri; of the months the flowering season.  I am the gambling of the cheat; the victory of the victorious; the power of the powerful; the energy of the mighty workers.
I am the sceptre of the judges, morality among the successful; the silence of the mysteries, the learning of the scholars.
In short, I am the seed of all beings.  Nothing moving or fixed can exist without me.  My manifestations are endless. 
Wherever there is power or beauty or greatness it is only a broken ray of my light. 
It is enough to know that I exist supporting the universe by a mere particle of myself.