I am the Existence which is never born1 min read

I am the Existence which is never born;
I am the sea that has no shore;
I am the riddle that even the Cosmic Intelligence cannot solve.
Some call Me scavenger; others worship Me as Bhagavan (Lord).
All attributes are My attributes;
Every name is My own.
Some worship Me in a temple, others in a church or a mosque;
To Me, mosque, synagogue or temple are one and the same.
Some invest Me with a form,
While others contemplate Me as the Absolute.
Some worship Me as the Creator; yet others, as a man.
Yet in Existence there is no room for duality.
Verily beside Me there never was any,
There never shall be any.
This is the secret wisdom of the gnostics.
My heart is set on asceticism.
Carrying my staff and manuscript under my arm,
I am ruler of half the world.
I live on crusts given to me as alms,
But I walk abroad like a rich man.
O Rama! the joy of the companionship of God
Far exceeds the delight of kingship.