How can I feel the force of Knowledge-Devotion

The wind of Knowledge-Devotion blows from the mountains of the Unconscious – today here, tomorrow there.

Those who unfurl the sails of their boat, and crush under their feet desire and aversion, both being unnatural and harmful, are caught by the wind and are borne to the realm of the natural Sat-Chit-Ananda in their being.

Some heedless people smoke their pipe of egoity and drink the rice-wine of attachment when the wind blows.

They remain in the realm of Sansara and move about like worms on the earth.

It is the breeze of the compassion of the Lord which blows.  Will you sit in the dark holes of criticism of others?

Will you sit in judgement on the behaviour of others?

If you do, you are a carrion-eater who cannot enjoy the cream and honey drink of the Yoga.

As long as you are pinned to the river bank of ‘This is mine’, ‘This is my opinion’, ‘Mary is a pretender’ etc. you will not feel the full force of the east wind of Knowledge-Devotion.

Fling aside the woollen blankets of self-love and self-defence of the lizards of your own likes.

Unbutton yourself, then enjoy the sunshine and the breeze.

With the hammer of meditation crack the nut of self-love and eat the sweet kernel of silence.

To-day the wind blows; to-morrow it may be a rainy day. Be up and doing, and enjoy the breeze of love.

O coy soul, O bride, enter the wood of meditation and undress in the silence of the absence of all thought.

The dress of the waking, dreaming and dreamless states, binds thee too tightly to the Sansara of the three gunas.

Lay thyself flat on the grass and breathe in:

‘I am not’, ‘I am not’.  Breathe out

‘I am, I am all’. 

Affirm: “This is Sansara and is a condition of my mind.  It is not to be loved and not to be hated.  It is to be enjoyed as a sport of Consciousness. “

Have you the itch of doing good, the mania of benevolence? Any good you do from the muddy soil of your egoity – ahankara – is harm.

Drown this ‘I am’ in the love of God.

The wind blows soft, sweet and cool. Embrace it. Undress in the wood of silence.
Roll on the bank of the lake of lilies.
Kiss the lotus of thy heart.


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