How can I cultivate this spiritual wealth?1 min read

Pupil: Guruji, I desire to cultivate this spiritual wealth. Be good enough to give us some practical hints.

The Teacher: Vague desire is not enough. First have a definite, clear-cut idea of what you want to cultivate, and what you want to eradicate. Then bring into action the greatest force in you, the WILL.

Each day will firmly, decidedly, what you want to be, and wish to accomplish, and then take it your solemn business in daily life to keep those resolutions at any cost.

Begin your day in all earnestness with the meditations which were given you; read the Gita, the Sermon on the Mount in the Holy Bible, or other Holy Books.

Remember that all is God, Brahman pervades all. Do not try to appear better than others, but be single-minded and let your actions be the only sermons you preach.

If you follow this discipline for eighteen months you will have a blessing of Holy Vasu, who will give you the spiritual consciousness.

My blessings go to all of you daily, but they will not take effect unless you are morally pure.

You may have to be re-born many times, and undergo much suffering until you have learnt these lessons, or you may learn in one incarnation what would take you twenty if left to nature.