Holy Teacher, is not faith enough to give us salvation?1 min read

Pupil: Holy Teacher, is not faith enough to give us salvation? Having such a Mahatma in our midst, why should I worry about meditation, learning, Yoga and so on? I am sure you will confer your blessings upon me, and I shall obtain Samadhi.

The Teacher: Yes, faith is enough, but do not misunderstand what faith is. It means a deeper, intuitive understanding of Truth, and the test of that understanding is that you practise what you claim to have understood by faith. If you merely assert a doctrine, giving it only lip allegiance, and do not make it a vital factor in your daily conduct, it is not faith.  You must wrestle against your lower nature.

You can do without meditation and learning for the time being, but, my dear boy, you cannot do for an hour without right conduct. My own Guru, used to say, “Right conduct is as much a necessity to spiritual growth as air and water is to physical life.

People often complain that they cannot obtain peace by reading the Holy Texts, keeping fasts, or making pilgrimages.  If the soil is not fit, how can a seed germinate therein? First purify your heart by cultivating patience, courage, charity, forgiveness, non-violence, and love of Truth; and then eradicate selfishness, fault­ finding, vanity, and other shortcomings.  It is only then, my son that the seed of Yoga will grow in your heart.”

Samadhi, the spiritual trance, or insensibility to external impressions, in which the vision of divine Reality has dawned.