He who shines in the sun4 min read

There are two ways by means of which each and everyone of us can have access to and can improve the inner mental light; one is the inner silence and the other is the lifting up of the mind from the smaller and narrower conditions into higher and higher conditions.

Those who know how to still their mind are in possession of a great secret. It is a matter of practice. Yogis at their daily tasks watch their minds and they say their mind is engaged in speculation, discharge of duty and in search of safety and security, but after every few minutes they tell their mind to halt and he who does that and he who knows how to do it is in possession of the secret of never being fatigued.

Our mind is like a horse: you must know how to spur and how to curb its activities. A man who knows when to do this is called the master of the mind. In the mastery of the mind the little process to which I have just alluded is important to give rest to the mind, and to add to the wings of the mind what we need is meditation.

The purpose of meditation is that our mind may rest and may gather up the energy it has lost and also it will be able to fly higher and higher into the realm of beauty and truth. Just as good banks keep their capital fluid, so every man ought to keep his mind fluid.

What food is to the physical body, meditation on truth and beauty is to the nutriment of our mind. There is no medicine which can make your mind strong. Hence it is important we should be able to meditate, that is to say, we should give nutriment to the mind, in other words, we should prevent the mind from becoming fatigued and should add strength to the mind so that it may fulfil its purpose in going higher and higher into truth and beauty.

It is the secret of life and those who want to live well, to live with a view to fulfil the spiritual purpose of life, ought to practise this and to carry out the pruning of the mind, removing all passions, lusts and avarice, hate and infatuation; and to expand it in the contemplation of truth and beauty.

There are two aspects of God; one is the absolute and one is the relative. The determinate aspect of God is beauty and the indeterminate aspect of God is truth.

Beauty is for meditation and truth is for experience of bliss and freedom.

The one eternal home of beauty is man’s own Self. I have here a short meditation and if you do it every day you will be able to prevent your mind from becoming fatigued.

You will have peace and your mind will expand in the realm of beauty and truth.

Focus your mind, withdrawing it from all sense objects and wait and if it wavers focus it again: a wise man never gets impatient with the mind.

Focus your mind on this text, sitting straight, having taken the holy Name of God, and then you will feel expansion of the mind and want of fatigue in the mind.







What am I? He who shines in the sun: what a feeling of expansion this meditation gives you.

Though my body is here on this earth, in fact it is not so because I am He Who shines in the sun,

Who waves in the grass. High above, light; on the earth, green;

He who sings in the nightingale, midway.

This world is the materialised form of the sound of God. In the beginning of creation, God created a sound by His thought: “I am One, let me be many”. It is this thought expressed as the sound OM which has materialised in the form of the universe and of man.

You have heard of the music of the spheres of which Shakespeare speaks; there is song coming out of every atom, every plant; the world is the song of God so let our life be a song.

So He who sings in the nightingale is my real Self; I am that, I am that.

I offer you this sublime meditation to do.

Just as water as long as it flows is pure and when it stops flowing becomes stagnant, so the soul of man must flow and flow and when it ceases to flow it becomes stagnant, that is, love of sensation, blindness to the higher forms of life.

Do not doubt the meditation: experiment with it in the silence of your soul and you will feel the desired upliftment for which your soul is hungry.

Your soul is hungry for truth, light, love, wisdom.