Good in Dragon Pool


A devout widow, a woman of clear sight and organizing ability, was the guiding hand behind a great work of charity, which substantially benefited the condition of the poor people of the town. She did this in strict anonymity, but by an extraordinary chance the identity of the secret benefactor leaked out. She began to be respected and even revered by the townspeople.
She remarked to a friend from another town, “I am going to leave this place. I am too highly esteemed here; all this fame and attention interfere with my spiritual practises.”
“You need not move,” her friend replied. “Quite soon you’ll find that envious people are circulating damaging rumors about you. They’ll say … oh, I don’t know what it will be, perhaps that you have somehow made something for yourself out of the funds. That’s the sort of thing. Then you’ll drop into obscurity again, and get your freedom back.”
Some months later they met again. “You were right, and I am free once more,” said the widow and smiled.

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