God, Love, Freedom, and much else cannot be defined in terms of logic2 min read

Truth is limitless and is not the monopoly of any individual, nation or race. Do not think that what comes from a great man, or a learned man, or a high mystic is always Truth. Newton has made mistakes; Plato has been wrong, in many instances; the geography put into the mouth of Gautama Buddha is often wrong. Truth does not bow to greatness, fame or learning. They must all bow to Lord Truth.

What is Truth? This is an eternal problem which no philosopher has ever been able to solve.   God, Love, Freedom, and much else cannot be defined in terms of logic, either.    Yet they are.    Every mother knows what love is, but she cannot define it. One aspect of Truth is freedom.

Anything which curtails this, or imposes limitations stunting growth, is not based on Truth. Truth must be dynamic, ever expanding, ever embracing more and more, ever unifying, ever harmonising and ever elevating. Being God Himself, it must be everlasting, limitless, and all love.

It is the essence of all that is, giving heat to the sun, fluidity to water, compoundability to matter.   It is the soul of man, and of the universe.

The cosmic order which we see is a manifestation of Truth.   Shankaracharya defines Truth as that which ever was, is, and ever shill be.   What is it if not Love?   The highest Knowledge and the highest

Love both lead to the same goal.  The scientist in his laboratory, the philosopher in his solitary retreat, the poet in the depth of his emotions, and the worldling in his ambition are all seeking after the .same God, called Truth.   There is no escape from It.

Freedom means the expression of one’s own essence. In science we call an atom free when it expresses what it really is. The chief value of human freedom is that it allows the full expression of the individuality of man. National freedom is necessary, as a slave nation cannot express its soul.

All love freedom. A bird in a golden cage fed on exotic food is not happy. It pines for the freedom of its rough nest and wild, unripe berries.

Freedom is another name for Truth, that God whom all are seeking.