Give up thy attachment to the world and become awake to thine own nature1 min read

1. Why dost thou desire wealth O Nirbhaya? Night is over, the day dawns. Awake!

2. O Nirbhaya destroy ambition and throw off the load of worldliness; know thy real Self and sleep without fear of disturbance.

3. On the scales of thy body weigh the real principle. Abandon attachment to bones and skin; O Nirbhaya! Thou art Truth-Knowledge-Bliss.

4. Give up thy attachment to the world and become awake to thine own nature at all times O Nirbhaya.

5. Abandon discussion and concentrate on thy Self; for love of the Self kings have renounced their kingdoms.

6. Reflect on Truth O Nirbhaya, and give up pride and vanity. Know that Brahma, Shiva and the Universe are all perishable.

7. There is no cause for sorrow or weeping O Nirbhaya; know that thou art the Light of the world; the whole Cosmos is contained in thee.

8. Sink not into lethargy O Nirbhaya! Wander about the world having no friends and no foes.

9. O Nirbhaya! Shake off the habit of inertia; by day and night be conscious of thy nature, which is self-evident.

10. Without the Self there would have been no world. O Nirbhaya thou art the one support of the moving and the fixed.

These stanzas should be repeated slowly every day by devotees of God.

This practice will be found most helpful,


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