Five minutes’ margin1 min read

In daily life when anger rises, when we are at the end of our patience, if before the outward explosion we restrain ourselves and turn within to reflect for five minutes, almost always relief will be found. A man once told me: “I am naturally quick-tempered, which was a disadvantage to me and a nuisance to others.

But now when I get angry and resentment pours through me, I do not express it but shut my mouth and at once go before an image of the Buddha. I join my palms and sit five minutes in meditation.

My family have taken to the idea also, and now we do not have quarrels. To have heard of the method of meditation has been a wonderful thing in my life.” If we really mean to do it, we can always find the five minutes for sitting quiet even in the midst of affairs.

It is no exaggeration to say that by this five minutes’ margin almost all of the problems of daily life, great and small, can be solved. And if meditation is done deeply, the accumulated sins are destroyed and we can avoid creating new ones.