Faith in Dragon Pool


A city dweller, a keen Buddhist, had to make a business visit to the deep country, and as there was no late train back, he stopped over for one night. In the evening he went to a small temple belonging to a devotional sect. On his return to the city, he described to his teacher what a great effect the service had had on him.
“Those people there, sitting so devoutly and listening intently to the resonant voice of the priest reciting their devotional texts—wonderful! His voice was like a great bell, proclaiming the Buddha to the whole world. I was thinking to myself all the time: how different from the wavering minds and hidden scepticisms of us city folk. One could feel their absolute faith: no lurking doubts there at all.”
“No,” remarked the teacher. “The only one who might have his doubts would be the priest himself.

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