Every morning I vow to devote my heart and soul to Thee,1 min read

Every morning I vow to devote my heart and soul to Thee, O Lord, Creator of the blossoms and birds of spring ; but my determination is driven away like the mist before a strong wind. I fall into the stream of worldliness and forget Thee.
How weak is my will ? I throw myself on Thy mercy and beg for dispassion and devotion to dedicate my life to Thy loving contemplation and to the service of Thy children.
Thou createst pearls in hard shells in the deep waters of the sea and diamonds in the dark mines. Thou givest radiating light to the sun which is millions of miles from the earth.
I beg at the door of Thy mercy, O Lord. Fill my heart with devotion, discrimination and knowledge, so that, like Moses of old, I may see Thy glory in the mountains, grass and rivers. Burn up the dry leaves of attachment to the limited objects and sprinkle the drops of love of Thy knowledge, of Thy saints, and of the poor and helpless, in my soul, O Master.