Does Yoga inhibit people from producing great art?2 min read


In view of the fact that many of the greatest works of art have been produced by people in a state of emotional stress and troubled mind, would not the practice of Yoga by such people inhibit them from producing such works of art ?


The great works of art are not produced by the mind. Great works of art are only materialised on the physical plane through inspiration at the time when the lower mind is in abeyance and the higher mind is, as it were, in the realm of inspiration. When a man is under the influence of drink or is drugged or inert, it may be at those moments he gets a flash thrown from the higher part of his mind and produces a work of art. This is not usual because any great work of art is done by a mind which is able to rise above its lower and grosser properties and to contact that realm where great beauty and great art are, where Beauty in its essence IS, as it were, and through that he brings down into the physical realm some reflection of that beauty which he puts onto canvas or into song or music. It cannot be said that the practice of Yoga or practises of inner silence can possibly detract from, or prevent works of art. That inner silence enables the mind to lift the more certainly and surely to that region of inspiration than the use of drugs which has an after-effect far worse than anything possibly could have on the human form. If you have understood anything of the greatness of the spiritual realm you must see that it is from there that beauty derives. Only when man has constant access to that realm can he express the highest and best in every way.