Do you want to be happy ?1 min read

Do you want to be happy ?
I will tell you the secret—be wise.
Learn to withdraw thy senses,
Uplift thy mind unto the Indwelling Lord.
Shut thy heart against possessive love,
And be independent of all men and objects.
Meditate on the Self which shines in the sun,
Which gives motion to the world.
Which buds forth as beauty,
Which is the harmony in nature.
See thyself pervading all nature.
Meditate on Truth, the Support of the World.
Have no special friends, accept no creed,
Do not put a label on thy heart.
Study philosophy—a description of thy Self
Read history to know of thy past.
Thy feet on the earth, thy heart
With the Highest, walk firmly
On the path of self abnegation.
Bless those who curse thee,
Study and educate others.
Be resolute in wisdom, not in instincts.
Learn to obey, to give, to act.