Do not wander into the orchard of the world

Do not wander into the orchard of the world,
I beg thee, do not.
There exists a lovely flower-plot in thine own body.
Till the soil of thine own Karma,
And do not abandon it.
Drive away the crows of evil thoughts
And behold the heavenly blossoms.
House the gardener of thy mind
And plant the seed-bed of self-control.
Do not allow the shrubs of compassion to wither
And water the plants of forebearance carefully.
Between the briars and the edge of the seed-bed
There has flowered a wonderous rose.
Liberation is a beautiful bud On the rose-wreath of truth.
Thread the wreath carefully
And place it about thy neck.
From the lotus-bed of worldly difficulties
Arises beauty incomparable.
Says Kabir: uGuard thy actions carefully.
End the stream of births and deaths. ”


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