61. O Nirbhaya do not oppress those who are poor and helpless; know that the high, the low and the ignorant all belong to God.

62. Do not cause pain to others O Nirbhaya; life is short; leave not the reputation of’ a fool behind.

63. Do not treat injustice with indifference O Nirbhaya; strive to ameliorate it, though karma will prevail.

64. Why dost thou waste thy time in bad company O Nirbhaya? Why art thou proud and conceited? The market of the world lasts but a few days.

65. Awaken the light of pure Consciousness in thy being, and do not play the spy. Let thy mind rest in contemplation of the ever-shining Light in thy soul.

66. O Nirbhaya! Give up the support of ‘Thou’ ‘Thou’.
Do not depend on ‘I’ ‘I’. In this way obliterate the taint of Maya.

67. Employ thy hands in deeds of compassion, hospitality and charity, and. give up thy faults. Untie the knot of ‘mine’ and relinquish thy desires, O Nirbhaya.

68. Give up thy indifference to virtue O Nirbhaya. Do not murmur, do not boast. This is the way to reduce thy hatred and pride.

69. Allow thy mind to taste the delight of the contemplation of Consciousness O Nirbhaya. Abandon ostentation and vanity, and experience the joys of forgiveness.

70. Conquer the illusion of the world by the practice of Yoga, O Nirbhaya. Do not indulge in magic and eliminate all falsehood from thy heart.
These stanzas should be repeated slowly every day by devotees of God.

This practice will be found most helpful,


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