Do not let your mind dictate to you1 min read

Guide your reactions : do not let your mind dictate to you but guide your thoughts in a yogic channel.

Even a slight mistake may lead to repentance for many years.

Therefore, be careful.

Take the example of a lotus.

It grows in the mud and dwells in stagnant water, but it always raises its head high and never allows the water to touch it.

If the water rises two feet in a night, the lotus blossom will rise two feet.

It exposes itself to the sun and loves light and fresh air.

It draws its sustenance from stagnant water and mud, but uses them to support life on a higher standard.

So must we live in this world.

Make the best use of the society and environments in which you are.

Do not spend your time in despising them or in saying : “ Oh, I wish it were otherwise ! ”

This is very important. Fill your mind early in the morning with two thoughts—

Life is passing; any day may be my last day.

My goal is the realisation of the supreme Truth in me.

When you are passive, live like a lotus in the sun.

When you are active, create peace, beauty and enjoy shanti (inner peace).