Do not blame or argue with anyone; thou wilt hurt the poor man and gain nothing.1 min read

31. O Nirbhaya! Endure suffering patient1y and keep thy heart balanced. By thy existence, happiness is made possible for others.

32. Arm thyself with the sword of spiritual knowledge and cut to pieces the wicked enemy – nescience – O Nirbhaya.

33. Break the thread of thy rosary O Nirbhaya, and give up hypocrisy. Banish all doubts from thy mind – make this thy main pursuit.

34. In the end the seeker finds that he is the one sought. O Nirbhaya, thy love is within thine own personality.

35. O Nirbhaya! the ignorant man is full of fears and cries in delusion: “This is thy friend, this thy relative.”

36. O Nirbhaya! Do not blame or argue with anyone; thou wilt hurt the poor man and gain nothing.

37. O Nirbhaya! See thy body and mind in thy fellow devotee, and in his company rid thyself’ of birth and death.

38. O Nirbhaya! Be not being angry or bitter even with a stray dog. . Thy master pervades both the moving and the fixed.

39. Dost thou desire to learn from the ignorant? If so, do not follow his ways and behaviour O Nirbhaya.

40. Beware O Nirbhaya! Do not for one moment think on the wife of another. Know that such mighty ones as Ravana perished on account of this fault.
These stanzas should be repeated slowly every day by devotees of God.

This practice will be found most helpful,


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