Do away with the fallacy that your pain is caused by another3 min read

Leave not your centre. Moths come to a lamp, even though they die; the lamp does not renounce its position to run after or receive them.

In thee the whole world must be drawn and consumed. This the secret of magnetism.

Ho, all ye that suffer, know ye that ye suffer from yourselves. Do away with the fallacy that your pain is caused by another.

O burning behind all worlds, immortal Essences, Flames of this ever- consuming universe, never-consumed—to laugh and laugh with you and of our laughter shake forth creation!

In the eyes of her you love, in the faithful face of your enemy in battle, be aware (beware) at least of your own Self! O joy! joy! inextinguishable joy and laughter.

By the very necessity of the case nobody can live without activity or work. A child has no motives and objects and purposes to accomplish, yet it is never at rest, is all the time up to something.

So, work you must do, but Vedanta requires of you to look on all work as mere play, nothing serious or important about it.

Hit hard, play your part manfully, but wait not for the event or end to bring you joy, satisfaction; let every stroke and blow be happiness personified or a messenger of Divine bliss.

Keep the subconscious mind imbued with holy, pure and sublime feelings—and original thought is sure to flow out of you.

You are to be kind and considerate to everyone. But you are not to be kept in any kind of bondage by the well-meaning attention of your friends.

I do not turn you back from Self-seeking; on the contrary I know that you shall never rest till you have found your Self.

If you seek it, money, fame and the idle gratification of inordinate organs and lumps . . . that is all very well for a time; but you will have to do better than that.

If you seek it in duty, goodness, renunciation, they also are very well for a time; but you will do better.

You cannot baulk me of my true life. Climbing over the barriers of pain—of my own weaknesses and sins—I escape.

Where will you hold me? By the feet, hands? By my personal vanity? Would you shut me in the mirror-lined prison of self-consciousness ?

You in the West say “O God, O God!”, but you have no definite knowledge or methods by which you can attain to see God.

It is like a man who knows there is ghee (butter) to be got out of a cow (pasu, metaph. for soul).

He walks round and round the cow and cries “O Ghee! O Ghee!”. Milk pervades the cow but he cannot find it.

Then, when he has learned to handle the teat and has obtained the milk, he still cannot find the ghee. It pervades the milk and has also to be got by a definite method.

So there is a definite method by which the Divine Consciousness can be educed from the soul.

From the notebooks of Swami Rama Tirtha