Concentration on the great spiritual sayings makes him stir1 min read

A traditional meditation posture frees from the reinforcing effects of bad physical habits or inner tensions.

Seated in one such meditation posture, let the practitioner for at least half an hour try to search for what it is that he is worshipping – not necessarily in adoration, but in fear or anxiety if that is the case.

It is his whole view of life and the universe that is in question.

After at least half an hour of such analysis, which takes a good deal of courage, let him read one of the yogic or other books of revelation, to rouse an echo from the deepest layers of his being.

If his analysis has been conducted with real determination, that echo is not too long in coming. When there is a stir, he will be able to face towards reality.

The spiritual records call forth an answer because they are expressions of the truth of the human being.

Deeper than the unconscious of Freud or the collective unconscious postulated by Jung, both of which are in the yogic classics included under ‘darkness’, is a God who is the projector of the universe.

In the ordinary man he is as it were dreaming; concentration on the great spiritual sayings makes him stir – in fact the impulse to study them means that this aspect of God is already stirring.

© Trevor Leggett