The Upanishads are like flashes of lightning

The Upanishads are like flashes of lightning. To read an Upanishad, simply to read the verses one after another.. ‘Yes, yes, what.. oh yes yes etc. etc.’ …and then you fall asleep. This is not the way to read an Upanishad. The verse is like a flash of lightning in that we can just see the landscape. If you’ve been .. on a very dark night .. you’ve lost your way .. then there’s a flash of lightning and you can see momentarily the landscape .. and you can see where you are.

Extracts from the commentary of Shri Shankaracharya on the Isha Upanishad

There are many literal translations of this Upanishad but the thought is so subtle that it is not easily grasped by the Western mind. This translation, while closely following the original text, is intended especially to convey its inner meanings as expressed in the authorative Commentary of Shri Shankara. Benedictory Verse by Shri Shankara Lord …

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There is no narrowness in the Upanishads.

In China and Japan there is a tradition that certain spiritually enlightened sages live in the mountains, enjoying unbroken freedom and delight. They do not encourage disciples or give formal instruction, but their mere existence purifies the soul of the world. There is a traditional dance sometimes performed on the Kabuki stage in Japan, which …

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By Whom

The word `Kena’, meaning `By whom?’ indicates the direction taken by the teaching of the Kena Upanishad. There is, in the third part, an arresting allegory illustrating the omnipotence of Brahman-that God alone is the supreme power behind all creation. It is also an eulogy bringing out the superiority of Brahman over all the minor …

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The Mystical Death

There is no teacher like Death.-Katha Upanishad. Since it is the same death, die now.-Zen Saying. The great Upanishad called Katha contains the instructions given by the God of Death to an inquirer, Nachiketas. Nachiketas went voluntarily to the abode of Death, and after staying there a short time, was granted three boons by Death, …

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Dimensions of Mind

A teaching of self associated with three dimensions of mind is. given in the little Mandukya Upanishad` which is dated about A.D. 200 and is the last of the eleven classical Upanishads , commented on by Shankara. The three dimensions of mind are typified in Waking` Dream and’ Dreamless Sleep, experienced by three corresponding aspects …

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