Beyond the tangle of words

Dr Shastri used to give before a spiritual meeting the practise -just a touch between the eyebrows, just bring the attention to this point for just a few seconds.  So if you would like to try now just touch there and use the after sensation to bring the mind to this point. Ormmmmmmm. Ormmmmmmm. The text, the holy text, on which our teacher based much of his instruction is called a Bhagavad Gita.   He translated some of the important verses for the commentary, it is on the book store ‘Teachings from the Bhagavad Gita’ by Hari Prasad Shastri. Now one of the verses of chapter two says, in rough translation, ‘when you begin to pass beyond the tangle of illusions you will get adverse to, our teacher said sometimes you will get sick of all you have been told and all that they are going to tell you, the tangle of …

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Word Clouds and Realities

Illusions are of two kinds, and it is quite important to remember the distinction between them. One of them has no actual basis and the other has a basis of substratum. For no actual basis, think of Father Christmas. This is a concept, an idea, which we teach to very small

Hearts of Religion

There is a heart but the heart is not visible. We know about the heart from the pulse. And if religion doesn’t have a pulse, doesn’t have a throb, in our lives, the form may be perfect but it will be like a marble statue – without a living heart.

The Stone Sermon talk

In the Lotus Sutra, one of the old ones, there is a sort of Buddhist prodigal son. The king recognises him, when he sees him from the palace, sends out a guard to bring him in, but the beggar, when he sees the guard, runs away.

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