Poems by Zen Master Mamiya

POEMS BY ZEN MASTER MAMIYA (Japan, early twentieth century) Sometimes there is the opportunity But not the capital; Sometimes there is the capital But not the opportunity; Rarely, very rarely, come at the same time Opportunity and capital both— But then I am not there myself. Oh this world! * A gentleman came to see me With talk of a remarkable investment. ‘Sir, I am a penniless priest; All I can give is the treasure of satori Which ends sufferings for ever. . . .’ But he had left, But he had left. * On a lotus leaf sits a frog, His hands folded, his mind still, In meditation. Look out, look out! Behind him a hungry snake, Searching for food, is putting out its tongue. Does he know? Does he not know? The frog Sits in meditation with closed eyes. Look out, look out!

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