Begin the day with a meditation or prayer.1 min read

Begin the day with a meditation or prayer.

Sit if possible on the floor, with legs crossed and hands loosely clasped, and say the following prayer, concentrating on its meaning.

Then let the mind rest on it for a few moments, in medition.

“May Brahman (God), who is the all-in-all of the world, grant perfection to my members of speech, vitality, sight, and all my powers may He purify.
May I never lose remembrance of Him ; may He never leave me ; may all the virtues, such as truth-telling, compassion, service, possess my heart.
May I find my sole delight in Him, OM. Shantih ! Shantih ! Shantih! (Peace ! Peace ! Peace !).”

Read a passage from some spiritual classic, and resolve to recall its messsage to the mind at certain times during the day.

Sit in relaxation for a few moments, praying that peace and blessing shall pass through you to all mankind.

If possible, these practices should be done at the same time every morning.