Tracks from ‘Encounters in Yoga and Zen’
and ‘Lotus Lake, Dragon Pool’

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In the troubled times which followed the collapse of the Mogul Empire, rich people buried jewels in the ground, hoping to come back later to retrieve them.

Iron rods

‘One who practises endurance will be a spiritual hero’, the teacher said, ‘Read that sentence again slowly, and we’ll meditate on it together.’

Cloth and Stone

Cloth against cloth, or stone against stone : No clear result, and it is meaningless. Catch the flung stone in the cloth, Pin the wind-fluttered cloth with a stone.


When a story does grip the mind, it should be pondered daily for several weeks, to find the deeper points.

The Way of The Merchant

I don’t know that he is just a merchant. It seems to me sometimes that it is not really a merchant there at all, but Ganesha playing at being a merchant.”

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