As in war, no one is defeated unless he acknowledges defeat3 min read

Often when the pressure of external circumstances is strong, and the goal hidden in thick mists, the heart cries in agony, “I have failed in this life, I have achieved nothing worthwhile.”

As in war, no one is defeated unless he acknowledges defeat and asks for an armistice, so in life no one is defeated until he consents to it, and leaves himself at the mercy of the blind forces of matter, through want of a proper understanding of the whole trend of life.

What is defeat? It is the admission of one’s bankruptcy of spiritual, mental, or physical re­ sources, and loss of hope in the guiding forces of life.

Mind is a creative force, and there is no limit to its powers. It can create a heaven out of hell, and evolve order out of chaos. It is never bankrupt, and is ever ready to be used by the spirit. There can be no such thing as defeat to the mind.

As the sun is often obscured by heavy clouds and thick mists, so is the mind frequently veiled by doubts, suspicions, and want of imagination. But they are all temporary conditions, and a little urge given by singing, “Om, Om, Om!” and filling the “great within “with the light of love and benevolence, soon banishes all pessimism.

The spirit of man is all-knowledge, all-power, all­ bliss, above the limitations of time and space. As there is no darkness in the sun, so there is no defeat in the spirit. Like the blue sky, limitless and eternal, the spirit in each of us is perfect. It is therefore clear that defeat lives only in the imagination and is not real.

Everything in the world is evolving. The life which is now pulsating in your heart was once in the rock, from the rock it came into the vegetable, from vegetable to tiny organisms which the naked eye cannot see. Then it grew into invertebrates, then to vertebrates, and now it is enlivening your body. Yet it is ever One. All the forces of nature during its age-long journey from rock to man, could not defeat it, subdue it, or arrest its progress.

When the earth was a mass of fire, tossed to and fro in limitless space, still life was there. How should it be possible that it could suffer defeat now? The force that has guided the soul so many hundreds of millions of years will not allow it to fail now! It is the power of God; not a blind force like gravitation, but a living and loving force, determined to evolve perfection.   There is nothing in the world of the universe, above duality and secondless.

The spirit of man, in the form of pure consciousness, above reason and intuition, is a conditioned form of God. It appears to be conditioned but it is not so in reality. To go beyond duality and find vital conscious unity with God is the sole end of man’s aspirations and efforts. This is what Shakyamuni Buddha called Nirvana. This blessed state being beyond thought and feeling, cannot be described. All we can say is that it is pure Love.

Man’s love of Beauty, Truth, and Virtue is love of God, a desire to unite with Him. Prayer is the effort of man to raise his heart, mind and will to the timeless realm of God. It is the urge of the streamlet of ego to find union with the Ocean of God. It must flow on and on, through hills and dales, rushing over rocks, breaking through all impediments, flowing through fields of smiling flowers and through dark woods, till it finds union with the infinite Sea.