An incident in the life of Shri Dada1 min read

Ram Dayal was an illiterate youth. He was born in a Brahmin family, but having become an orphan at a tender age, he had no advantages of education. He was tall, of strong build and a determined youth. He often came to Shri Dada’s evening Sat-Sang and brought bucketsful of cold water, which he served to the Sat-Sangees.

He acquired love for Shri Dada and often appeared unceremoniously and said: “Punditji, is there anything that I can do for you today?” Shri Dada gave him his affection and, knowing his circumstances, got him employed as an overseer in a small shop.

Once the youth came to Shri Dada and said: “I need the loan of twenty rupees. I will pay any interest”. The holy Saint asked him why he needed the money. He said: “To enable my mother to go to Hardwar for a week and worship at the holy place”. Shri Dada’s heart was touched by his filial devotion. He gave him twenty-five rupees out of the Sangha funds and said: “My son, this is a loan to you without any interest”.

After some six months the youth brought back the money. Shri Dada touched it and said: “My son, keep this money as a sacred gift of the holy Sangha and lend it without interest to any man in distress whom you know; and tell the man, when he can, to lend it to some other party under the same circumstances”.

It was later discovered that this sum of money had changed hands ten times and was still in circulation.