Adhyatma Yoga Meditation Practices


Focus the mind on the navel. Take a deep breath in relaxation and, as you breathe in, imagine that you are drawing the breath up from the navel, so that you end the breath by thinking of the space between the eyebrows. Take 21 breaths in this way.

When you have taken the 21 breaths in relaxation and have opened up your physiological and mental structures to the whole Universe, you will feel a kind of peace, a kind of delight, which is not created by contact of the senses with any object.


Draw an imaginary line of light from the top of the forehead down between the eyebrows, down the nose, lips, throat, heart-region to the navel. Imagine this line to be a line of light, and concentrate on it for 5 minutes. In the beginning you can draw your finger down the line if it helps you to visualize it. Then sit and just think of this line of light.


Now sit and think. Give free scope to your mind to think, but whatever idea the mind brings before you, say: ‘It is an illusion. I do not want it. ‘

As you sit quiet, the seeds of thought, sown by you, and which have passed into the unconscious, begin to appear in your mind, according to the law of association. When they appear, reject them by this method. When the first thought comes before you, say: ‘It is illusory. ‘ When the next thought comes, perhaps a remembrance of something you have seen, say: ‘It is illusory. ‘ When the next thought comes, perhaps the desire to make a name, to be famous, say ‘This is all illusory, this too is all illusion.’ After about 10 minutes you will begin to think consciously. If this practice is done for 21 days, you will notice a great change, and your thinking will become constructive.

(The above practices are taken from the book ‘Meditation – Its Theory and Practice’ by Dr. Hari Prasad Shastri Pages 40,43 & 44. )


The practices given are intended to form the basis of a daily programme. The best time for meditation is in the morning, shortly after getting up. The practices should be done at the same time each day, so as to establish a rhythm. The following points are also suggested:

1.Preceding the practices spend about 5 minutes carefully reading a spiritual text, such as the Bhagavad Gita, the Fourth Gospel, or a book on the Spiritual Yoga.

2.Sit upright, alert but not tense, either in a chair (not leaning back) or on the ground, with a cushion beneath the hips.

3.Practise the Breathing exercise. 3 minutes

It may help to imagine that you are drawing the breath up slowly as through a straw – but without getting out of breath..

4.Line of Light. 5 minutes.

When some facility has been gained in this, practise it when standing in a queue, or performing an action like sweeping which does not require much thought. Everyone who succeeds comes to the same experience.

5.Meditate upon the text. 15 minutes


In me there is a light …
Which lights the whole world …
Is radiating now …
Peace and understanding …


Think about the meaning of the text and if done properly the mind will experience a true spiritual peace. The real seeds of meditation are sown when the meditation moves from requiring constant mental support and passes into the emotions. It may also be thought about during the day when one is not busy.

6.Sit in the peace which these practices will bring, and give thoughts of goodwill to the whole world.

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