A practice from ten to fifteen minutes

Here is a practice, which should be done for from ten to fifteen minutes. You will find no tangible results in fourteen days, but later you will have control over your mind and be able to practise virtue.

It is not an active mind which is good, but a tranquil mind, a solemn and serious mind devoted in love to the Lord of Creation in each and everyone.

You can know Him only by practice.

(1) Stand up in the morning, facing the East. Open the windows. Then slowly breathe in and out nine times, centering your thought on your navel.

(2) Close your eyes and picture the rising sun in your imagination. Remain standing and make as vivid a picture of the sun rising as you can.

(3) Transplant the sun into your heart. Then, breathing normally, say : “ I am in the sun. The sun is in me. He is the all-illumining God.”

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