A method of Prayer2 min read

HIS daughter, Sahaja, helped her Guru, Shri Dada, the whole day in various ways. She prepared his bath, washed his clothing, swept his room, dusted his books and manuscripts and served him with cold water when it was a hot day. She brought his glass of milk in the evening, which he used to take before retiring.

On one occasion, when he had finished it, he said: “My daughter, you have done so much for me: what can I do for you ?”

Sahaja looked down, remained silent for a while, and then said: “My Babuji, today the sister of the Risaldar has asked me to teach her how to pray. Please tell me what to say to her”.

Shri Dada said in reply: “Tell her to sit tranquil, having washed her hands, feet and face; then to take 21 deep breaths consciously, with a holy name of God such as Rama or OM on each breath; then to withdraw her mind and her senses from all worldly objects. This is the preliminary practice”.

“Then let her pray: O Lord of the Universe, O Creator of Heaven and Earth, teach me to receive joy and woe with tranquillity and equanimity; not to attach any importance to worldly possessions; not to covet the possessions of anybody.

Teach me further, O Lord, to have compassion for all living beings, and how to empty my heart of all earthly desires and to instal Thee in it.

Teach me, O Lord, how to remain detached from the things of this life; how to fix my mind on Thee in the rising sun and in the setting moon. Show me the way to the inner temple of Shanti (spiritual peace).

Teach me how to pray; how to adore; how to worship Thee in nature, in human beings, in all hearts, in the stars and in the grass”.

“Then tell her to remain silent and let her mind dwell on any of the thoughts which are expressed in the prayer. Tell her to avoid falling asleep or letting the mind become torpid. Tell her, finally, when she has finished her prayer to give something in charity for the neighbouring poor.

“This will do, my daughter, for the lady you have mentioned. This is one of the ways of prayer”.