The real Self of all is the ever-attained ideal. Those who try to attain the ideal, they do not know the truth. The ever-attained ideal, which never falls from His great glory, is the Self of man. “The same to those who praise him and also to those who abuse him, silent, unless necessary no word escapes him, and satisfied under any condition”. In fever, heat, cold – satisfied. Why? Because the Self is not touched by them and it is an illusion that they are in any way related to the real Self. This is what man is. Not what he has to be. There is no such thing in the holy Yoga as “This you have to become”. All is: “You are!” Know it. Do not doubt it and do not run away from it.
The thing which we all have to practise, so that the veil may not hide the ideal from us, is to stop all personal criticism of those we know or those whom we do not know. It is the height of ignorance to criticise anybody, with whom you study and worship.

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