There is nothing higher than attainment of the Selfthan attainment of the Self than perception of the true nature of the supreme Self.

there is nothing higher, no other attainment higher. So in the discussion in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad it is said, ‘That indeed is dearer than the son’ (1.4.8) or than anything else.

For that end we quote some verses which bring about attainment of Self

Though the doshas, anger and the rest, which act as obstacles to attainment of Self, are indeed shaken off by freedom from anger and the other yogas, yet they are not quite extinct. For the root sprouts again, since Ignorance (ajnana) which is the seed of all the doshas, has not been extinguished.

And in that case, their seed not being annihilated, anger and the rest though extinguished for the time will spring up again and there will be no final cutting off of samsara. There is no extinction of Ignorance (ajnana), which is the seed of those doshas, except by Knowledge (jnana), and here there are quoted some verses from some Upanishad(s) of other Vedic schools, chosen to give knowledge of Self, which means illumination of its nature.

For that end – the word is literally ‘there’, but the locative has the sense of ‘aim’. So it means, with the aim of attaining the Self. We quote: select and bring forward

verses which bring about attainment of Self which have the power to make the Self attained as clearly as if set on the palm of the hand.

The meaning is, that the verses are strung together in what follows.

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