Shri Shankara Acharya’s Vakyavritti Verse  23

“Just as the light of a lamp which reveals a pot is different from the pot, so I, the embodied Self which reveals the body, being of the form of consciousness, am different from the body”.


This is another convincing argument. Let Hume and Locke reason as they like, it is none the less clear that the element in human personality which reveals the “body and the mind is neither of them; the revealer is not the revealed.

Similarly the Self, which reveals, the mind and the body, is not the mind and the body but is different from them. Its nature too, being imperishable and infinite and immutable, is different from the nature of the body and the mind which changes at every moment.

The Buddhist theory that consciousness is a series of moments of change is contradicted in this verse.

These verses are to be meditated upon in perfect silence, physical and mental, and then they will give rise to true Self-consciousness. Intellectual conviction gives no more than a clue to this state.

Shri Shankara Acharya’s Vakyavritti Verse  24

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