Shri Shankara Acharya’s Vakyavritti Verse  25

“He who is the seer, who being the object of highest love says: ‘May I never suffer extinction, may I always exist’ – that am I, This you must understand”.      


This verse is an explanation of the preceding verse.

The first thing that a man has to realize is that he is not the mind; he is just the witness, fundamentally disinterested and detached, and it is in order to promote the happiness and peace of the Self that he loves others.

Nobody cares to walk in a thorny wood with bare feet, but we like to see the roses, daffodils and gladioli in the morning as well as in the moonlight because they make us introvertive and unite our mind with the Self within.                                                                  .

One of the arguments in favour of the immortality of the Self is the feeling of the continuity of existence in experience.

Those who commit suicide do so because they are tired of the body and circumstances, but not because they are tired of the Self.

It is to save the Self from affliction and worries that people resort to suicide, but it is a mistaken idea.

Shri Shankara Acharya’s Vakyavritti Verse  26

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