71. Cease to depend on wealth O Nirbhaya, and be satisfied with what is sufficient for thy needs.

72. Death is beating his drum and approaching nearer and nearer O Nirbhaya; take up the shield of divine Knowledge.

73. Everything in this world is transient O Nirbhaya; do not be servile and lower thyself before thy fellows for personal gain.

74. The ceaseless search for wealth will lead thee astray; lust for gain will impoverish thy soul O Nirbhaya.

75. Linger not on the road of material prosperity O Nirbhaya withdraw thyself diligently from fraud and deceit.

76. O Nirbhaya, do not talk unnecessarily; do not bark like a dog frightened by shadows.

77. Subjugate thy mind and be carefree, Walk erect O Nirbhaya, and banish pride, vanity and the desire for respect.

78. At every step cultivate friendliness O Nirbhaya, recite the holy Name.

79. Give up attachment O Nirbhaya and do not allow thy mind to cherish a fondness for taste and other pleasures.

80. O Nirbhaya, tricking to turn away a poor man rouses wrath such that even cotton is burnt to ashes.
Keep the commandments Rama and consider worldly pleasures as worthless.

These stanzas should be repeated slowly every day by devotees of God.

This practice will be found most helpful,


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